Friday, March 6, 2009

Feeling good

I had an awesome time last night at Perle 8's, lots of laughing and chatting, and watching other people craft, wow, lots of inspiration there. I can't wait to the Stitches and Craft show, so many things to do, I have a few workshops in mind, stuff I've never tried or wouldn't normally think to do, and 2 child free days to do it!
Speaking of child free, Little Miss had her first full week this week, and I am back to working Tues Wed, so Thursday I hit Hoppers Crossing Spotlight and Vinnies. I came away with heaps, including these bags and sewing box.....
(the Rainbow Sprite one is for me, my child of the 00's having no idea who she is)
and lots of yummy remnants. Pity I only went in for black cotton! I have booked my overlocker class at Statewide Sewing Centre too, so I can finally use my little baby, it's been very neglected.
I got around to hanging my frames too, it has brightened up the walls. After 5 yrs in the house, I finally get around to it!

Little Miss really likes the bottom one, think I'll add a few small round ones to it to even it out.

And lastly tonight, one spoilt dog! A bath, flea treatment, cuddles, clean blankies and I picked up all his toys, the cleanest it's been all week! The wind didn't help, but he has no excuse now. Now I lay in wait for the cat to come home and give her the Frontline too. My big brave cat. I found a cockroach leg in my bed this morning, I am thinking positive and hoping it fell off her whisker after she ate it OUTSIDE my bedroom door. I don't want to think of the alternative! Ciao.


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Oh yeah, lots of good things there. Make sure you stop in and say Hi at the show. I'll be there.

CurlyPops said...

Hey I hope you didn't clean out my op shop or my Spotlight remnants bin while I wasn't looking!
That's my neck of the woods.... I didn't think anyone from blogland ever made it all the way out here!

Andi said...

Hey! I found you.
Love the blog.
See you in a couple of weeks at Perle 8s.
Or might bump into you at the show.
Andi :-)