Saturday, March 21, 2009

Waiting for.....

my fridge!!
I have spent some of my hard earned cash-o-la on a new fridge, pictured here beside the old one. It is a bit smaller, (which means the things I put on top are withing arms reach for a change) and hopefully it will be cheaper to run as it has SEALS! And the shelves are plastic, no wire grilles for things to fall through. Unfortunately I had a spack-attack as they decided I would get it between 12pm and 2pm. Of course I had lunch plans. I won't repeat my phone call to the shop, lets just say I have it.
The next question I ask myself is how do I get the old one out the back door, and down 2 steps).

Of course there is a no sticker and no fridge magnet rule, we'll see how long that lasts!
Here are the useless bits that come with all fridges now- a- days. What do you do with them when you don't want them? I have great ice cube trays, didn't want new ones, but they arrived. And egg things take up a whole shelf.
Another I noticed is I can't thread the tea towel through the door handle. And I just got one of those cool ones at the oppy with the crocheted top and button FOR EXACTLY THAT PURPOSE! Damn. Have to think of something else.

I am at one with the over locker! My free lesson was all about threading. Apparently once you have done that, you have full control haha. I have to admit it's true, though. Now I have the threading down, I am FINALLY running up my tote/shopping bags, in the funky retro sheet colour.

A bit of quilting is happening too, I am hoping there is something good on tv later, so I can sit and sew rockets and stars. I have fallen in lurve with this quilt, the simplicity and the fabrics, of course! I have backed it in vintage blue chenille, which shows the red Perle thread OK. It is probably a bit naff to use a hoop, but as a newbie to the whole hand quilting thing, I don't want puckering!

And some oppy purchases the other. 2 great bowls, and 2 more Tupperware retro bowls. These are GREAT for tea bags, and I have mainly orange and yellow and an assortment n my pantry. Pity they are going up in price, $5 each! (haha).

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CurlyPops said...

What ever happened to customer service? They used to take away the old fridge for free when they delivered the new one!
I tried the no magnet rule with my new fridge... didn't last very long!