Sunday, March 1, 2009

back to nature

Being a sewing person, some days I wouldn't care if I never made it outside, but as I have a child, pets and job. I have a local park where there is an off lead part for little Muzza, and over the last few drought-stricken months, the gardens have all been replaced. Here is a beautiful example, there are about 3 or 4 of these near the entrance.
So this sign was almost funny, who would think of destroying this prettiness? Someone, obviously, or Ben wouldn't decide to give up!

To Ben and all like him, I thank him, and promise to raise a child who would never think to destroy someone else's hard work.
Another outdoor thing- my cat came home a few days ago COVERED with these little things. I have no idea what they are from, they stick like crazy to anything, in particular cat fur! She must have slept in the biggest pile of them, or plants with heaps on them. I have spent a few days slowly getting them off her, to the point she looks at me warily when I want to give her a pat! And I almost pulled a nipple off- ow! Now she is burr free she can be patted only for pleasure, and I'm receiving a few cuddles, maybe a thank you?

Being Mother of The Year (not) I decided to make some treats for our picnic dinner tomorrow night at the school, so, having way too much frozen pastry in the freezer for someone who doesn't use it, decided to make mini pies we could have cold. Good plan until I forgot to grease the pan and they are stuck! Think of me and Little Miss tomorrow night eating our dinner out of a muffin time, oh, the shame!

Biggest news tonight- I finished The Bag! Good TV nights always get me motivated, as do the thoughts of top stitching. That's why I love this bag so much, the structured approach and lots of top stitching, but it has curves too. I would have shown the whole thing, but I THOUGHT I had a plain buckle to go on the front, not only didn't I have plain, but not silver either, so it completely mismatches the o-rings. I'll be ringing Nikki this week to order one. I hope to take it out on Thurs night, my Amitie night is coming up! Thursday's my only day off this week, I'll enjoy it immensely!

PS Speaking of Ben and good tv, I started watching SO You Think You Can Dance, which annoyed me at first because it is GREAT! I actually like it more than Idol, wow is all I can say. And there is a dancer Ben, man, if he doesn't win there is something wrong! Between that show and The Biggest Loser, I'm covered for the week!


CurlyPops said...

Grat sign. Why would anyone vandalise somebody else's hard work? Grrr to them.
I'm slightly addicted to Loser and Dance as well...

Nikki said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing that bag finished!

Leonie said...

Those burr thingies, I'm pretty sure they aren't bindii but they could be, anyway all your cat had to do was roll around in weedy grass to get covered. Ours do it all the time, also not fans of having them removed.