Sunday, March 29, 2009


My quilt and I will be parting ways soon, boo hoo! Well, no, Hugo deserves it for being so special, I will get to visit it, I guess. At this moment it is the washing machine, fingers crossed it comes out still together! I sat up late last night (it wasn't a chore, Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom kept me going) and did my best corners, and quickest hand binding. I ended up cutting it on the straight grain, and maing the back a bigger, so the binding is filled with quilt. I didn't want to loose to much yummy fabric on the front in the binding!

Here's another shot of my corner, and the bit I don't like- the knots on the back. Next time I am going to try and knot them between the layers. Sounds easier said than done, but hey, just another thing I can teach myself haha.
had a busy day starting by going for another big walk at the 'doggy' park. Murray made heaps of friends, and played in and out of the creek again, making the bath yesterday afternoon a complete waste of time. I have one ready for this afternoon, but he's on to me, and I can catch him! Cheeky boy. And such a poser!

He has a playdate next Saturday morning with the same bunch of dogs at the same park, should I even bother bathing him tonight?


Andi said...

The binding looks great.
I'll have to show you how to hide your knots.
I'll be at Perle 8s on 16th and 23rd April. You?

Louise said...

Hiding your knots is a cinch - your binding looks fab! Hope to see you at Perle 8s soon.