Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Creative Space

I've had a huge day of creativity today, and lots to share. The first stop was the dreaded Registered Post at the PO. I've started to dread them as I only seem to receive 'increase your rent' letters when I am was a different story.
Labels!! Yay. Worldwidelabel has made these awesome cloth labels for me, very cheap and great service. Can't wait to use them!

After I collected them, I bounced down to Carson's Lounge in Yarraville, where the Sun Bookshop was hosting a book launch for The Crafty Minx Kelly Doust.
There was a workshop, too- tables of fabrics and bits and bobs;

crafty women and chit chat, new friends to make;

very clever people and their ideas;

and coffee to boot. Which gave me the idea for some quick and easy gifts for people who like drinks in glasses. Fun! (can also double as wrist cuffs if your wrists get cold or are unadorned).
It's a great book, and Kelly is so lovely, the time flew and before I knew it it was over! But armed with new ideas, I did manage a trip to Savers....

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Cathie said...

Bec, I love that cup cosy!!!