Thursday, November 5, 2009

What's Hot and Not

I've enjoyed reading fellow blogger's versions of these, and didn't think I had anything interesting to say to do one of my own. Until my day out today....

What's Hot
  • Scoring old Enid Blyton books at Savers. $4.99 each and the new cover reprinted ones are $9.99 each.
  • Giving other cars your parking meter ticket when you have time left on it :)
  • Grey haired gentleman walking down the street in Footscray- in pantyhose and black heels. Drag queen breaking in new shoes maybe?
  • School sleepover tonight. A very excited nearly Grade 1 child. And free babysitting for me!
  • Six Feet Under. New to me and I'm in love with it.

What's Not

  • Security guards at Ascot Vale Vinnies. Sad that that is necessary.
  • Statewide Sewing Centre not open as a class was on, and I needed help with my automatic buttonhole!
  • Parking meter tickets installed in Footscray so it will cost me money to go to Savers.
  • Washing up.

There's more over here.


Eni said...

Well, getting new Enid Blyton books at $4.99 is a real bargain. I am glad to learn that you are an Enid Blyton enthusiast. Thus, I am taking this opportunity to inform you that I have just published a book titled, The Famous Five:A Personal Anecdotage (

Stephen Isabirye

Claire said...

Enid Blyton cheapies! Fantastic! thanks for playing along last week. xx