Sunday, November 29, 2009

new project

I had been led to believe that making a shirred dress/top is not as hard as it looks, and with this idea in in mind, I set to work.
An afternoon at the pool gave me time to turn this....

into this. (I love that no one dares ask me what I'm doing, I must have a 'f%^& off, I'm crafting' look on my face). With a tutorial from here that I got from my guru Lara I am ready to go!

Also, some photos for you-know-who (ie you know who you are!). This dress was an oppie find- I found out at the till that it had been there for over a year, and no one wanted it. I also scored it for half price.
A moment of fun quickly turned nasty....

realising that it was a bit small....and couldn't get it off! Lifting my arms up over my head increased my chest diameter (for once not what I wanted) and therefore it was stuck! Claustrophobia soon followed, and what followed should be read on an empty bladder.

I ran up the street to my neighbours with scissors in hand. After they picked themselves up off the floor, I was helped out of the dress, which is still in one piece, and calm was restored. I got thanked for the nights entertainment. Hmmph!

It is definitely going to be chopped up and used.

Also: new items on Etsy. Follow button up top or here to see pencil rolls as stocked in Lark.


Andi said...

That dress is HYSTERICAL!!!
Such a shame to have to cut it up!
Have fun with the shirring.
Can I recommend that you also have a look at this shirring live demo:
It made it so much simpler for me.
Andi :-)

CurlyPops said...

You're such a crack up!
Wish I was there to witness it live - I can just imagine you running up the street with a pair of scissors.

Unknown said...

I remember having that same problem with a top I tried on in a shop once. Luckily I managed to extract myself without resorting to scissors, but it was pretty hairy for a few minutes there... Awesome dress BTW.

Jodie said...

ack !!! That dress is a killer - so glad you shared it with the whole of blogland ....errr and the neighbours !

One Flew Over said...

Killer dress Bec an dLOVE the shots showcasing it!!

Melinda said...

Ooo, I had the same experience with a top once, pre stretchy fabric, and I dread that panicked feeling ever since. Pretty awful.