Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another one

This title has a double meaning- another lunch bag, and another post today! Be warned, we could go for a third- I rather daftly had half an energy drink, thinking it would help me cope with the girls 'tude before bedtime; rather, I think I'll be up for a little while, may as well be productive while I can!

This is the third (well, 4th kind of) for the same child- yep, mine, I would probably tell any other kid to shove it!! The last one was too big again- no room in the school bag for anything else. The bonus of having such child is I am perfecting my pattern, practising and this one from start to finish was a day (a few breaks in between).

I originally got these fabrics for the lunch bag, but when I suggested them three bags ago- no way! So today I let her pick her own fabric (I hear this is how you get teenagers to do things, make it seem it's their idea. Pity I've had to use that on a 6 yr old!)

All ready to be tested out tomorrow! Good luck parents, I know already my routine is back- I'll go to bed too late, sleep in and rush out the door to get to assembly late.....etc etc
PS These will be in my shop soon, RRP $40. Pre-order in your own colours if you like....


posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Good back with school, year 1, so big & not the littlest anymore!! We go back Tuesday. I hope school wears them out as nothing i do with huge levels of activity seems to, boundless energy & then they feed off each other, swapping rooms, giggles, all over the house. With her lunch bag, you are nothing if not determined. Love Posie

Gypsy said...

OMG it's gorgeous Bec! I love love love the mermaid fabric!
Is the inside lined with PVC? It looks a bit shiny?

Andi said...

Looks gorgeous.
Good luck today!

Amanda said...

wow cool lunch bag, i love the mermaids and colours. maybe not just for little kids, but big kids off to work as well!