Friday, March 2, 2012


Last Sunday, the fatique of the Skydive still in my body, my sewing was going to s%^t, 
so I packed the kid into the car for a treat. 
She's loved it from the first time she tried it. 
Now the ramp is gone (bumpers still up though)

When did she gets so big?!

 She very quickly worked out how much she beat me by!
 At least I was helping her maths!
(yes, she beat me while I was using the bumpers, how embarrassing!)

Once the bribe bowling was over, I got to go into Ikea with no complaints. I was definitely the winner out of that one!
Where, among other things, we got some chair pads (no more sweaty legs sticking to the chair on a hot day)

And the 'bargain corner' gave her a proper chair for her desk

I also got a special delivery during the week, the ultimate score. The new Flea Market Fancy range! I missed out first time around, and wasn't going to let it happen again!

This is the 21 prints;

and these are my particular favorites.

Plus I still have my collection of Picnic and Fairground.

I just have to be strong and chop them up! They'll still be beautiful!


Stomper Girl said...

OMG she beat you with bumpers on?!?! That's funny. I guess we parents have to get used to that as the kids get bigger, faster and stronger.

Jacinta said...

Bowling is fun - looks like you had a laugh together.
I'm loving your delivery of cute fabrics. Not sure how you picked out a few faves!