Friday, March 16, 2012

New jeans!

I don't normally rush straight home, put on my new jeans, and then blog about them, but today i'll make an exception!
I saw via twitter about this store, around the time everyone was talking about the '$9 jeans'.
I've been waiting until I was working up that end of town, and popped in for a look.
Busy! Lots of people shop there, that's a good sign right?

I got medium waist skinny leg jeans for....$40! And didn't even need alterations, I got the thumbs up for the owner and I'm set! 
Lots of colours, lots of style, and comfy!
There is a Facebook page, my favourite bit is the 'about' section: Good Jeans. $40. We make them fit. For free. You go on hot date

Maybe that's why I raced home and put them on haha

PS saved this as I went out for dinner with a friend (not a date), still don't want 
to take them off! So comfortable!


Bron said...

my jeans are from there too! isn't the owner a hoot?! i just did whatever he told me to!

Jennie said...

Wow Bec - they look great!! #nicelegs !

nicole said...

raraaaaaaw! awesome jeans!
thinking i definitely need to get me to brunswick!

Sally said...

I'm adding this to my list of reasons why I need a trip to Melbourne sans kids asap!!!

Karen said...

I love these Bec, I need another pair of jeans - a trip to Brunswick might be in order I think...