Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Op Shopping

I either haven't been op shopping, gotten good bargains or remembered to post them on here, but today I made sure I did!
I was lamenting after the last post over the fact I'm running out of vintage sheets, especially big ones.  ! went to 2 oppy's today (Salvo's and Vinnies) where it's all tending to be modern and expensive. So I dropped into a few smaller ones on the way home, and got luckier.

A few paleish ones, and the orange beauty, which is flannelette;

and this one. Not sure how vintage it is, but it yelled out to me, so I grabbed it 
for a few bucks.

A hounds tooth cap for $2, a mug (for a pincushion) and a few patterns;

and this was definitely NOT staying on the rack. Not for $8!!! 

It has a beautiful thick purple satin lining, delish!

Very happy with my haul! Now the washing (and soaking) begins!


Annie said...

LOVE the purple coat, but I'm off to look at that pattern for the shirt. It looks fab, and comfy!

Jennie said...

Wow - brilliant finds Bec!!

Unknown said...

oh wow, that orange flanalette is fabulous!