Monday, March 12, 2012


So, as I finished the sew a long dress a bit too quickly, I decided to make a bag. I found the mustardy yellow fabric in the remnant bin- yep, the roll sold that quick at my Spotlight that they had a remnant leftover! A bit cheaper too, $10 for 1.3m.

I paired it up with this pattern; the 2nd pattern of Nikki's I bought, and that I got at the pattern launch- gosh, I felt like I met someone famous that day! Well, I kinda did- my kind of famous, anyway!
The first bag I made from this pattern was pretty terrible, no photos remain and I 
don't think it was ever blogged!
It's a bit fiddly, lots of steps, but worth it in the end....

 (I wasn't feeling in a modelling mood, and the kid is having pj day as she's sick- so 
Fem Bot stood in for us. Thanks, darl!)

I usually wear mine on this side; I purposely put the adjuster at the back to there is less bulk at the front. Smart like that I am teehee

a zippered gusset;

the lining was a quilting cotton I picked up in Spotty in the sales- reminds me I love me!
And am worth a new bag whenever I feel like it!

And I challenged myself to another zip, this time a pocket. I don't have a fear of zips- just am generally pretty lazy, and prefer not to if I can get away with it. Luckily, Nikki's patterns have such good instructions they take no time at all!

This will sure brighten up the wintry days to come!

Now to go and sort the washing- it can only ever be put off!


Anne said...

Beautiful!! You have a lovely blog; I'm a new follower ~ ♥

Copper Patch said...

I love it Bec. You've inspired me to make a new bag! Great orange fabric, well done getting a bargain.

rachelmp said...

Looks great Bec, and that's one of the hard ones, isn't it. Great bargain too!

Leonie said...

wow its gorgeous, you are so clever! I can't believe how quickly you whip up all this beautiful sewing!

Yana said...

the bag turned out great! well done :)

trash said...

Have just received Nikki's book and am trying to get brave enough to dig in. Maybe seeing this fabulous bag is just the kickstart I need.

Tania said...

Nikki is my kind of famous too. Lovin' the overachieving bag.

Sally said...

Fantastic! Great bag. You really are an over achiever... I still haven't even finished my dress!!!