Monday, April 22, 2013

A new frock

A few months ago I found some Ponti knit ( many different spellings!) on the clearance rack at my local Spotlight for $8 a metre! It retails anywhere from $20-$50 a metre, depending where you buy it, and whether it's a print or plain. Here's an example; so of course I snapped it up!

I then looked for a pattern, and found this; I'm pretty sure I got if off Ebay, it was out of stock elsewhere. And I'll def use it again!

I cut a size 16 (it's 'Misses Petite') and the only alterations were around the back at the zip; I fitted it on Fembot and took it in and let it out as needed!

 Its seemed daunting- facings with interfacing, front darts and then the skirt attaches to the bodice. But it was so easy and quick!

 I stayed up late finishing off ( having lots of thread breakages with the twin needle hems, may redo them!) I had a belt in mind already- in the wardrobe too! This is at the end of the work day (tired smile!) and no creases!

Besides a shot of the doggy blanket on the line (such styling for my pics) it's a bumpy bit at the bottom of the zip- something I'll try and master for the next one! I've read a lot about 'sway back adjustment', not sure if this is what it means?

I matched most of the stripes up (quite unintentionally in some places!)

 I'm super happy with it, and it will be worn to death I think!


Baa-Me Kniits said...

It looks fabulous! Well done, I love it!

Unknown said...

I see you even got the sleeve stripes to match with the bodice stripes. Well done!

Lisa said...

Well done! Looks super comfy too.

sarahp said...

Great stripe matching! It looks like you might need a swayback- I think you might not need to take that much out though

rachelmp said...

This looks so good on you!

Kat said...

Love your dress! Agree with spelling of ponte, it makes google searches so much harder! I agree with Sarah you need a sway back adjustment but not much at all. I recently pick up the same fabric in the blue/cream colour way for $4 pm I was so happy! :)