Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kid's Clothes Week

Even though I've been blogging and sewing for a while now, I haven't done this week before. I decided I needed a challenge. For those that don't know, every season there is a 'challenge' of sorts to spend and hour a day on your kids clothes... And now I have an extra kiddie to sew for! Baby stuff is instant gratification, really, and usually small and rarely needs interfacing!

I actually made a few things last week, and decided I could count these trousers- started and nearly finished during Episode 3 of The Great British Sewing Bee! I went through the stash and got some faves, and pulled out the book; (more pics of them here too. I have made them before, but can never find things in the archives when I need them!)

Why wouldn't you sew for such a happy customer? No whinging, negotiating for photos and I force him to cuddle me at the end! Perfect!

 and this cute t-shirt says "Born in 2012'. So. Cute! This dino fabric matches one of his bandanna bibs, such a stylin' little man now.

 He had his first 'test drive' of a high chair today, a few weeks and he'll be trying food! But this shot is to show something else I'll make him this week, so bandanna 'drool' bibs. Backed with minky they are super absorbent, and are sooooo much cuter that the traditional ones.

 I picked up this pattern today and some micro fleece, and spent the hour today tracing and cutting (1 pattern piece only, so easy!) and started some tracky dacks!

 For my girl, last night, I replaced elastic. Bor-ing! But necessary. The store bought elastic on these were like a tourniquet on my girls tummy;

  and some leggings I made her last week were too big in the elastic! LOTS of unpicking later, they were super quick to fix, saving me money! Ca-ching!

Little Miss doesn't need too much more for winter, but I realised tonight she has about 5 pairs of PJ pants that fit, and no tops- so I'm thinking some long sleeve tees?

 Stay tuned for more...

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trash said...

Def long sleeve t-shirts for jammie tops. My girl lives in them during Winter.