Friday, April 26, 2013

Kids Clothes Week Finish Up

So I'm pretty happy with what I got done this week. keeping some kiddies warm, that is! It was fun too, sewing outside my usual stuff, and getting to understand knit fabrics a lot more.

The leggings I put new elastic in have come up great- they have the little gather at the bottom too, which is cute.

Comfy elastic around the top, and the pj's mentioned in the last post have been worn successfully as well. No more 'tourniquet pants'!

The long sleeve tees were so easy! I used this pattern,  I had made a short sleeve one before but she didn't really wear it. The verdict now? "I don't wanna take it off!".(FYI I made a 11/12, and the pattern goes up to a 13/14. There are 2 patterns, but you can get size 12mths- 14 for $16, a major bargain I say, I def recommend it if you have kids!). These are '4 step tees', and I did them nearly all on the overlocker.

 I used leftovers from the stash, one knit a bit looser than the other, so I used bigger seam allowances.

 I stitched a bit of ribbon for the back, saving the labels for 'the good stuff' haha


 I used a trick I've learnt of knit-sewing friends- some fusible tape ironed on...

  hem folded up and pressed again. It doesn't move then when stitching. I tried to do twin needle, but my cotton kept breaking, so I used a zig zag instead.

sorry, pic overload, I love them a bit!

and the H man didn't miss out- he scored some velour track pants

and inspired by an embellishing challenge on the Great British Sewing Bee final I added a little pocket. Too. Cute!

I used 2 different patterns, which gave 2 very different results! 

I went around today and measured length etc, and added some cuffs to the velour ones.

I'm glad I set myself a little challenge, or these may have taken weeks to get finished! I have periods of 'non finishing' and I'm glad I'm through that at the moment!

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Sue said...

Oh wow those clothes look great. I think the red spotty pants are my favourites. I just watched the grand final of the Great British Sewing Bee and wished I had seen the first 3 episodes. Does it start again with new contestants or was it a seasonal show?