Sunday, April 7, 2013

New coat

OK, this has really blown me away with freaky coincides- it's been just over 2 years since I blogged the previous coat! I only just realised when I went back hunting for the badly labelled old one! 

As you will see, the purple love affair still continues in this household! I managed to convince her to go with the polka dot this time though (it's light blue with purple polka dots if you cant tell) and at $4 a metre on the bargain table at Spotlight, I am sure happy she agreed!

 The pattern is this one, I linked to the Kwik Sew site in the last post, and it seems to have disappeared!

As in the previous coat post, a lovely 27 degree day occurred, and someone wasn't happy about a photo shoot (suck it up, Princess! I made you a coat!)

I made a X (12-14), as the previous version was a L(10) and way too small. I took a good 9cm off the sleeve length though, and the hem is turned up 5cm.

This shot is the hand in my FIRST EVER welt pockets- sewn the wrong way around the first time, oops!

 I also did some little tucks at the back, near where the (sewn in and non adjustable) belt is.

It's unlined, which will be fine as there is a lot of think cord in the coat, it's pretty heavy! I made the short version, View B, last time, this time it's View A with the hood from B. I don't mix patterns up very often, so I pushed myself a bit!

Underneath today is her new sequinny top we picked up in the target clearance rack! Just what every tween needs haha.

Oh, I mentioned the hood, didn't I? What a thing of beauty- and a hassle, I didn't get enough fabric the first time around, View A said 2.3m and I'm pretty sure (but not 100%) that I got 3m; I mustn't have though as I didn't have enough for the facings, hence the purple inside. I had to go back for another half a metre, and the Gods were good that day, there was still the same roll on the bargain table. That's twice now I've been saved from disaster!

She picked some Minky for the lining, I didn't need to chop up a furry cushion this time! It sewed great, really easy to use, this coat was a messy job though, with the corduroy and Minky mess everywhere!

 Overall she's pretty happy! Hope I can squeeze her into another one in a few years time! Slow down, girl, stay my baby a bit longer!


willywagtail said...

Terrific job. I used to make coats for my girls too and the result was always happifying. I am sure Melbourne will oblige with some appropriate weather soon. Cherrie

Mistea said...

Gorgeous coat. Always like the idea of a hood not necessarily the sewing of it though.
A job well done.

jodie said...

Welted pockets... Hoods.. Your skills are amazing Bec.