Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Binding done

Another restful day, feeling a lot better by this evening. Panadol is amazing stuff, truly. As you can see, I played around and found a new template, this really brightened me up, I am a real pink lover. Plus I like the layout better. Still need to learn lots of things, but a bit more of my day was taken up with Ta-Da! A few more tapes. The cowboy one is for a quilt/blanket I made with cowboy and chenille applique stars- I will post a photo as soon as it is finished, I love it. I have so many to finish, and another 10 or so in storage. I tried selling some at a baby and kids market, wrong market- none sold! So I'm stashing heaps away at the moment, especially while i'm single and have to stay at home every evening, winter is the other incentive. During my bias making frenzy my iron started leaking brown water- not a good sign. Luckily I am close to the Sunbeam outlet shop, having a 40% off sale, and got this little beauty...
So new, so clean, and a 3m cord! yay. And a bargain $35- money well spent, seeing as I use it every other day. I'm a clothes ironer, which most people find freaky. All my friends do the "er, as if you'd iron" statement, so I proudly tell them I do underpants and singlets (kidding of course). Did iron my new doona cover the other week, after a wash- came out beautifully, will try not to make it a habit though.

here is another funky op shop doona, single bed, great bright fabrics, I think there is something in this- doona bags? Theeir are so many great colours, it's a waste to leave them on the bed haha. I am also posting at, there is another beauty there from me tonight. I am quilting a few patchwork blankets/ quilts tonight, with a bit of ER watching- I am up to series 8, I have been watching it from the beginning again (watched it all originally on tv) on dvd. I am so addicted, there isn't much else on that can drag me away from it lately (have not watched ANY Olympic coverage, very unpatriotic). But I could intubate if I needed to- HA!

Later Gater

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