Sunday, August 10, 2008

Early Sunday morning

It is a wet Sunday morning, quite early for me. I could have layed in a little bit longer, cuddled with my little girl, until we heard....vomiting cat! Quite a smelly cat, actually, the litter box needed to be taken outside, me in socks, rain on veranda, dog excited to see me- all before my coffee!

I sent the offending cat, Ace, outside and will deal with her later!

This is how she likes to sit and watch me on the computer. She doesn't stay for long, then she likes to sit on my lap, or walk across the keyboard flicking her tail in my face.

I also thought i'd warn everyone about this addiction, it is quite severe and I am about to start kiddy in a treatment program- Cruskit addiction! With vegemite THEN butter, and pray you don't mix that up! They have replaced bread, snacks, and generally every meal if she can get away with it. If I ask 'what do you want to eat?" I will get the Cruskit answer. They are pretty good. Funny favourite, though.

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