Monday, August 25, 2008

Knock Knock

Ok, don't know what these pics have done, will keep going to see what happens. After my woeful blog yesterday (as in how feeling sorry for myself was I?) I packed us up and headed to...Ikea. Me and the rest of Melbourne. I thought there was someone famous there or something. Photo by 4 yr in back of car as we left, she is way too good at using my camera. I didn't go with anything in mind, maybe some inspiration, I thought...

and came across 2 of these baskets for kiddie's expedit bookcase- great for the Mr Men and Little Miss Collection. Took us 2 laps of the store to find them- I find going against the 'sheep' great, everyone got out of way! Little Miss Tired....

rested in the trolley, after a kiddie meal in the cafe. You could seriously spend a lot of time in that joint. I had ridiculously bad morning sickness with this one, and for some reason went to this Ikea- walking through the rug section STILL gives me nausea! She dressed herself this morning too- I thought it was a good look, I didn't dare mention the cold legs, but she didn't complain about them either.

Also got this cute little shelf, it now has the kettle on the top, and the toaster on the middle shelf. Was all too high for the top of the microwave, so is now next to it. The toaster crumbs (-more annoying than......I don't know what) can be swept out form underneath. I will keep the bread in the bottom rung, and maybe a teacup- cute!

Lastly, my favourite shopping mate, despite what I said in my last post!

Strategic seat belt too, how funny, she is a ham at the best of times, let alone when there is a camera. Here's a sample:
"Knock Knock"
Who's there?
Courtney who?
"Courtney fish lately?"

As I can only put 5 pics (?) I will post later with my quilt pics

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Candice DeVille said...

Ah Ikea. It is a modern day tonic. It makes me happy just to be there in there perfect rooms, with drawers that run and shelves so organised. Oh and the kitchens.. my idea of porn! I can't seem to take my Miss 4 there with much success though, as she chooses to live in the rooms and take up with other families.

(I found you through I Op.)