Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kid's crafts

Ok, i am having trouble.... I am trying to write, then add a picture, then write again. I can't make it happen, and it would be making me frustrated, but my cat is annoying me more, and I am having a glass of wine- teehee. As you can see, pictures arrive before the text, even though I wrote first. Help!

I will start again, as I know this happens and then I can say what I wanted to.

I started today, after a shocker yesterday, with the hope of giving my daughters room a 'thorough cleansing', as in gut it, clean, then repack. She has obviously learnt in her 4 and 1/2 yrs that mummy does this and I should stay out of her way, because she mostly did that. The fairy theme I started with at 2 is getting old, and she is having more say in the decorations,vintage Strawberry Shortcake is a fave, as is her knitted patchwork blanket (how can you say no when you have made it, and she loves it?), See pic of kid and cat.

The most exciting part of the cleanout is we need new canvasses for her wall, which I started with the fairy theme, but wanted to update. TAA-DAA the yo-yo maker has delivered the goods! With lots of help for my girl, of course, who picked all the buttons. See how excited she is?I got to work the glue gun. see 2nd 2 pics.
Please excuse the Bee Movie t-shirt, it was a gift that I am hoping she will destroy with textas and kinder haha. It's getting there!
There is another blank canvas next to it, she wants more yo-yo's, hmm, I will try and do something with it.


Doreen G said...

I was reading the op shop blog and somehow ended up here on your blog and noticed you were having problems with your pictures and placing the writing around them.
I thought I would add my 10 cents worth--
I always put my photos on first--uploading the one I want to appear at the bottom of the blog first and then continuing in that order
until I get to the photo I want to appear first which is the last one that I upload.
I then add the words--If you left click at the top of the page(you won't see the curser at this point) and start typing the words will appear above the photo.
Continue until you have written what you want to say about that photo.
Then scroll down to the next photo and left click and start typyng what you want to say about this one.
Continue on like this until you have all the words in place.
You can add spaces between the photos and words by just hitting the enter button.
I hope this helps and you can understand what I am saying as it is hard to describe this in words that are understandable--if you have any further questions you can e-mail me my addy is on my blog--just click on blue DoreenG and it will take you there.
We all have to start somewhere and a lot of people helped me when I started 18 months ago-and if a 67 y.o can learn anyone can.
Regards Doreen

Doreen G said...

Hi it's me again -how dumb am I as I have just realise that someone else has obviously answered this question because the latest photos on your blog have appeared the way that I was explaining.
Anyway feel free to ask me if you want to know anything in the future re the blog that is.
I must sound like an old interfering busy body (but I'm not really)