Thursday, August 14, 2008

Op Shop Thursday

ok, I have a few projects to show off, and upcoming ones to mention. I have been wanting some of this fabric for such a long time, and my tax cheque has delivered- 2 metres of the luscious stuff, ready to be moulded and shaped into yummy toadstooly things. I have a bag and a pini for my bub already in mind....pleas lots of scraps. Have used a little already, as you'll see in a minute....Friends have just left for overseas, and I made these little keychains for the kids to take on their travels- lucky keychains, hope they savour the trip teehee. here is funny man...
and here is toadstool. using some of my yummy fabric. I have sprinkled it with fairy dust, of course. And a order from the front bedroom has come in, of course.
Here are today's op shop finds. I hit a few, as I usually do on Thursdays, making to trek to St Kilda and back to Footscray. I love this one- 1972, with stocking toys on the cover, and the mum fringing the lamp. Daughter looks very unimpressed with her booty.

Bought myself these as I don't get much to laugh about. Not bad for $3.75 each. I can see many scanned and emailed ones as I know there will be many I want to share with friends.

Here is last weeks op shop find, but this weeks project. My very favourite Vinnies is the warehouse shop in Brooklyn, and it has new headquarters- 99 Dohertys Rd Altona. I will gladly share this with eveyone, as there are bargains to be had. I decided to make this bag for my friends birthday, and ummed and ahhed about the fabric- until I found this double doona for...$3! The main print with the big flowers is one side, the contrast trim and the bow is the other. What an easy way to pick fabrics, I say. Inside I lined with a Michael Miller fabric, similar colours. Yummy.
I found about 4m of this last week too at Savers, couldn't believe my luck. Have a pattern I will show another time of the dress I am making for kiddy, it is so cute.
And last but not least, my carpet cleaning story. After frantically cleaning everything up, moving everything out of the carpeted rooms, and waiting.....I layed on my bed in exhaustion at 11am, the time he was supposed to show, to wake up at 12.30 realising he wasn't coming! No second chance from me, I hired The Rug Doctor and got to it. Tonight I have done halfe the rooms, as in half of each room is done, I will mnove more furniture, blecch, and finish in the morning. So glad I didn't put it off, the browny black water I was emptying was making all this hard work worthwhile. just wish I had doen it in summer, not a Melbourne winter. Oh, well, it's getting done, that's all that matters!
Off to bed to get my rest to finish off tomorrow.

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Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Wow Bec, I found that exact same donner in my Vinnes a couple of weeks ago! like the cutesy white and purple too!