Friday, August 29, 2008

Making presents

I had finished the pink zig zag quilt (see earlier post) for my friend having her bub, and had a night to spare- someone at work told me her favourite colour was red, so I made these too. Don't know if I overdid it with the ruffle around the leg AND the back ruffle, but my new motto is 'their can never be too many ruffles on a baby's bottom" so they will be fine. The front view is pretty nice too, I thought.
I thought I would try and make her a baby gown like this I like giving things that no one else has (der, why else would it be hand made, I ask myself), but also something a bit funky. She thinks she's having a girl (I hope she does after the girly goodies
I have made), she could swap it all for boys stuff, I wouldn't mind.
Big grown up daughter is having her first sleepover here at our house tonight, her 2 little boy mates, nearly 5 and nearly 3. They are all engrossed in "Go Diego Go" at the moment and being absolutely no trouble. They've had dessert and I'm off to make the beds up. I feel very domestic having extra kids in the house, and want to spoil them all rotten! Pancakes for breakfast.... Not for the dieters! Best pancakes ever.


Bec said...

Those pants are completely gorgeous!!! And I agree on the ruffles thing - you can never have too many on a baby's bum. I am such a sucker for ruffles :P
Good luck with the sleep over tonight. You're a brave woman!!!

bec said...

I never realised how loud my daughter snores until 2 little boys are silently asleep beside her. hilarious!