Friday, September 26, 2008

Come one Come all

Roll up Roll Up (that's my best Carnie folk speak) read here to see how to do 8hrs at the Royal Melbourne Show for $50. With a nearly 5 yr old. Not hard, really, don't know what these families are whining about in the Herald Sun etc, as my child said to me at lunch time "that boy has too many showbags Mummy". I had to agree. We agreed on 2 bags and 1 ride before we left for the day. And Bertie Beetle was $2. I think Bertie Beetle was necessary to keep said 4 + 3/4 yr old energy up. She wasn't that interested in the nursery animals- having seen chickens hatch at kinder, I suppose everything else is a bit old hat haha. I rather liked the baby emus. The pigs are always good value, we did miss the 'racing and diving pigs' but that may be for the best....have to agree with Jess on this one . I suppose this means animals are for food only! Which my child totally gets. By lunch time she was tired and having nothing to do with the photos- note my mismatched Tupperware lunchbox, I originally found a green one for $3 at Savers, but it had a cracked lid, so when it got replaced for free, as it should with Tupperware, we have an very original green and red one. With fresh carrot sticks 10 hrs later!
After a while in the craft pavilion (where else) I am determined to have entries next year. As Little Miss said 'you can make that, Mum!' Not this cake below, I'm sure she was talking about the sewing and knitting etc. The cakes blew me away, could look at them for hours. And of course the animals. My sister recently returned from Peru with an Alpaca fur hat for my little one, so it was nice to show the recipient the animal up close. They are so cute, they kept rolling in the hay and are so alert, so sweet looking.

We had 1 ride, during 2 for 1 time, so I went on as well. I think society today thinks others will judge their parenting on how excessive they are, wheras I am SO proud today of my daughter and how mature she seemed in understanding that there are limits and we have to stick by them. She has gone to bed (very late, big treat for her) cuddling her Farm Trail Book in which you collect stamps. And Mummy won't be far behind her!! Ciao

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