Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shoes and more shoes

Ah, spring is in the air, and a feeling of excitement came over me. Finishing work early yesterday helped, and as my child was happily having a play date at the local indoor pool, I raced home and....cleaned out the car! Months of crumbs hoovered out of sight! Seats Fe-breezed, I head out to enjoy the sun. I dressed in 3/4 tight Riders jeans I scored for $5 at Port Melbourne Vinnies, and pulled out last years 'old faithfuls' from the shoe rack- these shoes have seen Bon Jovi in concert, thank you very much! Feeling funky, I ended up at Savers- where else, I ask myself.
And lo and behold-

for $6.99! My pink ones are Target, mind you. So Candy is a step up on the world! While buying these, among others things, at the checkout I noticed a girl next to me looking at my pink wedges, who commented how they made my outfit! What a nice thing to say to someone! And she noticed my new purchase with...maybe a bit of envy? Well, I wore them for 10 mins this morning and have 2 new cuts on my feet, so any envy for anyone can be discounted. I have months of breaking in to do! These wedges were scored from Braybrook Salvo's last year as well, so soft to walk on- the inner sole is so cushioned, I wore these out this morning to Justine Clarke, even though the red ones were making an outing, but got scrapped for a low pain threshold!

Don't you hate when they write the price on in texta? A year later I am reminded of my bargain (or others see how tight I am, either one really.)

I also got these last year, reduced at Target, they aren't as comfy as the pink ones (they are like slippers!) but I will persist and hope they settle in. I am going to try and wear one pair a day, just to feel tall and beautiful and slightly crazy- hey, they make me laugh!

More later when I have some pencil roll shots to show. Cheers!

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laughing purple goldfish said...

what a wonderful selection of wedges you have there... I love those blue ones... I'd be in them all summer long :)