Friday, September 19, 2008


I got the usual help from Ace yesterday. I had a pattern/measurments for making the fitted sheets, it turned out way too big, even though the sheet measured smaller than they suggest the fabric be. wierd. So I just got the mattress out and fitted it and sewed, fit 'like a glove'. So mismatched with the new doona cover, but she loves it. I am going to make a few green and blue cushions as well- so far they have all been pink, but we are both so in love with the doona cover we will decorate around that. She slept beautifully too, always a good result!
Due to the beautiful morning I suggested a dress, thinking of the new one I finished the other. Here's one I prepared earlier- I made this last year off New Look 6195. It fits exactly the same as last year, has she grown at all? I know she has, but...... I made style B from that pattern too, it will obviously fit her as well. Damn, I have to curb this years sewing as her wardrobe is bursting! Maybe time to start a shop.......

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