Tuesday, September 16, 2008

yay for Savers

So I hit Savers early Monday morning with my daughter and the little 1 yr old boy I babysit. I managed to donate 2 bags of stuff (don't ask me how I carried it all) and therefore received a 20% off stamp on my card. then I found out that it was only 50% clothing. Oh well, I got some end- of winter tops for day care/kinder, as the sleeves on the old ones are sooo bad.
Then I went to my favourite section, and found the bright fabric, about a metre; the bright yellow Supertex chenille bedspread; and an sort of olive green Morgan and Finch bedspread. I had a pink one of these that wasn't warm enough, so I used it as a backing on a bedspread i made myself, really good.
My daughter picked out this single bed doona cover; I think that's what it is, it doesn't have an opening down the bottom, just a big diamond cut out of the middle of one side. I assume it's an opening of some sort. Great fabric, anyway.
A full size lace tablecloth. I plan to dye this, not sure what colour, any suggestions? It seem like cotton, but I will do a hot Dylon dye to make sure it's vibrant. Do like the cream, though......
Some dress up for summer. Little miss is obsessed with The Little Mermaid, the pink pants have a top as well, it fell out of the bag in the car, found it after I took the photo. You can imagine!
I also found some size 11 Clarks sandals (perfect fit); some leather "Blue Farm" shoes for my little babysitting charge; a towel that folds into a bag for his big sister; a few books; and 2 very tired kids!! And they only sat in the trolley. All for about $70. Hours of fun ahead of me!

Found this great post tonight, have to share it. It has inspired me to wear a skirt more! And International wear-a- dress- day is a great idea, I should start something at work, no one ever wears them anymore! Love it.....

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