Friday, September 12, 2008

Nearly there

I think the best thing so far about blogging is all the photos I am looking at, that I may normally not have. I am a bit slack and have them all over the place on my computer, I am aiming (one day, of course) to get a portable hard drive and then scan in all the ones from film (ie the olden days version, as my daughter will one day call it). Found this yummy photo of my 5 mth old daughter, she was sooo chubby. I wanted to put a nudey bath shot, but reminded myself that she would see it, one day. This sums up her personality completely, a happy bub, loved the boob (hence the chins), such a long time agao now! School around the corner.... This is my little souviner I got from the Justine Clarke concert- I had the dvd and cd, and liked the t-shirts, but figured little miss "buy me a t-shirt" is in a growth stage, and would seen be out of it anyway. So they had these totes, which came with a poster and sheet of stickers for $20. I have already used it a bit, am going to sew in the corners to make it a bit squarer on the bottom, but such a good idea. Have to share it, of course....
The pencil rolls are coming together, I made the outer a piece a few mm too short, so the cream and silver at the ends won't fit pencils, but, hey, there are 22 other spots! The longest bit is cutting the colours
They then go together very quickly, and have the topstitching to finish this morning. Will whip up a softie for a friends 3yr old who is having a b'day tomorrow, maybe something from here
Anyway, have had a sleep in this morning, off to start things and get to swimming lessons!

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Bec said...

What a lovely photo of your daughter. She looks so happy! I'm very jealous you got to see Justine Clarke. I'd love to see her perform :)