Friday, September 5, 2008

Op shop thursday reported on friday

Found this book for $3- already had a copy I brought brand new. I have one for sale on EBay under the title "Make your own handbags" if anyone is interested. Great book, too. I got home to find my new book off Amazon had arrived....

yay, I love it, and have been waiting anxiously. I have the knitted one coming soon. Have to start my pencil rolls soon to make it for b'days I grabbed this little bargain from my local oppy, have a daughter SERIOUSLY into the princesses- it is a flat sheet, but I will make it into fitted so she can have it on all the time if she wants. Plus the pillow case will make it more fun!
Finally have found my first vintage apron, LOVE the colour and birds, reminds me of the cover of the patchwork and quilted gifts book! Am wearing it now, over my denim skirt and Bon Jovi t-shirt. Pity no one is coming over to see it's glory....Has a cool pocket on the front, can carry the phone around the house! Bingo!
And lastly this great book picked up for $1- all the rules for when you "first move out and set up home". Well, 15 years later I'm ready to start learning the rules haha. ther are great ettiquette tips like "don't let your knife and fork touch the table until the end of the meal", and "don't cut your bread with a knife" etc. Also sections on decorating, dinner parties and wine. Maybe i'll scan some sections at one stage- pretty groovy.
A big weekend coming up, working tomorrow then off to the Justine Clarke concert on Sunday morning. pretty excited, a big morning out for us mum's, then a lazy day recovering from the excitment haha.

Off to finish ironing in my new apron.


laughing purple goldfish said...

"I like to sing... la-la-la-la-la..."

Have fun at the concert!

Actually, just wanted to say that the apron is so cool... I think I'll keep an eye out for one myself :)

Angie said...

great apron & you will love the new book, lots of great projects in that one. I meant to tell you how to add a link in your blog (you asked some time back). I'm finally well enough to tell you. When you are writing your post you can say 'I found the pattern here' then go back & highlight here & press the little link button (next to text colours on mine), a window will pop up & you put the link in there. Hope that sort of makes sense!

bec said...

Thanks for the tip, I did try that but when I then clicked on the link, it didn't work! It went to an "internet explorer can't open this page" or something. SO frustrating! It is so much easier to add the link than take a photo! Thanks laughing purple goldfish as well, I will search the help pages today!