Monday, October 27, 2008

back to front

Sometimes, the post doesn't come out right, no matter how hard you try! I started this last night, couldn't get the pics in the right order, and today is no different. So I am going backwards to Sat night!

Took some photos of Muzza, and got this one mid yawn! He is trying to look all fierce haha. He was barking like crazy last night, at the cat across the street, drove me (and the neighbourse, i'm sure) nuts at midnight! This really is a yawn, though.
We went to Cotton On Kids yesterday (sun), I love there stretchy jarmies, wanted some long ones fir little miss when it gets chilly at night. And these were $10! I laybyed my overlocker too, yesterday, a Janome 744d. Hopefully will do more stretch sewing then, don't do much on the machine now.
Also got the cute little buttons for the crocs- real crocs, too, $3 form the oppy, and $5 for the buttons. Bring on summer!
As I bought the pj's, I got the singlets on special for $5 each! Which is close to what I paid at Savers! Got a pink and blue to do some design, which, if I get my act together, may be today (Mon).
And lastly, back to Saturday night- a big night in, reminding me and all to "do your ironing and folding as you take it off the line". I had the ironing basket, plus the floding just as high, and sheets- ugh, can't stand it. At least it's over with in one night, I suppose.....except those baskets are now in my bedroom, while I wait for them to put themselves away in my wardrobe...haha.

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Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

ahhh, domestic bliss, sounds like we had a similar day!