Saturday, January 31, 2009

A bit cooler!

Yay, only 37 degrees today, and a big difference. Especially in my mental status! Thought I'd go crazy after last night's blackout (even though it was light, I'll still call it that). We spent a lovely cool crafty/sewing day, with even a bit of washing hung out (ok, not too cool, but bearable).
I even decided to brave the beach! I'm not a huge fan of it, and we were only there till the wind came up- sand everywhere, yuk! But a cool swim and fun for Little Miss. Body a bit sore now, the waves were a bit rough!
Here's my spunky surfer girl (Cancer Council suit I picked up about 2 yrs ago in Savers- well worth holding onto!)
She wanted fairy fabric for her library bag, but...

I liked the farm Sesame St pillowcase, so she know has a reversible one! Too easy.

Ducked into Savers yesterday afternoon (air conditioned!!) and had a haby field day again. It was an absolute mess in that section, as usually, but managed to hunt down a few goodies. I always feel I am on my knees with my bum poking out of the shelf in that shop!
Self cover buttons for $2 a packet, $2 for the 5 packs of buttons, $1.99 for the pattern (it's been there for months, I put it out of it's misery) and pillowcases and a sheet. There was a second sheet the same, a bit pricey at $12.99 each, but I'm happy with on, given that it's a double flannelette- lots of pj's, bags, skirts etc out of one.

One of the pillowcase was a find, not sure I can cut it up now, might be given to Little Miss.

Quote of the day: (Not quite a quote, but not sure what to call it!)
"Mum, why are you going down this aisle?" (as I encourage her to follow me down the pillowcase aisle)
"Oh, to find things to cut up" (before I can answer!)

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