Monday, November 22, 2010

As promised!

Wow, nearly forgot! But I'm sure I can a whole week, and have my blog-jo back at the moment anyway!

Last nights I made the girl a new school hat. I'm sick of official school hats that don't even cover their faces! The only problem was trying it on....actually, no problem at all. Deep sleep is so much fun! My gorgeous child asked for some business cards to take to school this morning, she's getting used to being asked where she gets things from! Aren't I lucky?

And my new tunic is ready, I'm likely to be wearing it Saturday (I say likely as it still needs buttons and buttonholes. Grrr).

And tonight's feature 'beccasauras' product? My pencil rolls! Now, I can't take credit for these, my pattern was originally from Pink Chalk Studios and was found in this book. I've  (i even asked for permission to make them and sell!)

Another great shot and luv-er-ly place to get them is here. I'm about to make a big fresh batch, so if you'd like to order one with your choice of outside fabric, give me a holler!


nicole said...

gosh how motivated are you?!
the tunic looks great!

Cass said...

Love that shot of the hat testing while asleep. I'd be too scared I'd wake mine and then they'd never go back to sleep

Sue said...

Your tunic looks great and how clever are you making your daughter's school hat! Isabelle always needs a new one as she seems to chew the string and it gets bent and dirty and just plain disgusting by the end of the year. Your pencil rolls are nice and bright - you have been super busy!

Leonie said...

Ah the deep sleep of the young and exhausted, it's a fabulous way of sneaking stuff to check sizes! Love being able to move them from car to bed without them bothering to wake up. Your tunic looks great, I hope you find/make the time to do the buttons and holes, it looks like it would be most comfy once complete :-)