Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last night....

Sorry, all, last night was a bit of a write-off, the sleep fairy caught up with me and it seems I need 13hrs sleep! Luckily I woke a few times to roll myself, or there could have pressure sores....(old nursing joke haha)
So the late nights always seem to come at a cost!

So here's yesterdays post, or items, and I'll take some more later and throw in an extra one tonight!

I love making these hair ties, and my Little Miss gets lots of compliments on them!

I usually sell them for 3 for $5, which I a bit of a bargain. But nice and cheap for young girls who get a bit of money to spend at the market, I love seeing them walk away proud of their purchases!

I've also started selling some of the bunting I made over the last few years, the cookie monster has cookie fabric alternating, so cute! 

I made metres and metres of this for Little Miss's old room, so it is all going at a bargain, being 2nd hand from 2nd hand fabric 'n all.

Just another few items for sale in time for Christmas at the market! If something on here takes your fancy, flick me an email so I can keep it aside.

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