Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Catching up

Well, it seems after Blogtoberfest I haven't as much energy for blogging, but I know that happens to everyone, so I'm cool with it. I believe in quality not quantity (what I say when people ask why I only have 1 child).

I have had a school mum ask for some sewing, which is great for my advertising (I really am a lazy bum when it comes to shop etc). I made an Ice Cream Dress top in mermaids (not requested, but wanted to try it)

and a yellow one, as requested by little Miss's school friend aged 7. My joy was twofold when I learnt a new technique of gathering (new to me, anyway)- shirring elastic in the bobbin, cotton on top. A bee-yoo-ti-ful gather, I like-ey!

And another birthday- mine, and great friends helped Little Miss shop. I love it when kids get you something from their favourite shop, and mine is no different- I get lots of gifts from Smiggle! Which is cool, what a cute pencil and tin! Apparently I borrow her pencils too much.....

 Earrings and a card made my day, and there was a post it note treasure hunt at 7am (wish it was in braille as my eyes weren't even open).

MMQG, and trip to Cam's and Chines teak out for dinner (little Miss's new favourite food). Noice!

More sewing stuff- my trip to GJ's today saw some great fabric discounts ($8 a metre instead of $22), the pinking blade was a b'day gift off a friend, isn't it perfect?

There's a market coming up, pencil rolls to make and deliver, and phew, a kid will turn 7
soon- isn't it Xmas yet?


Nikki said...

Oh yeah! GO the shirring elastic.

Busy times, huh?

CurlyPops said...

I see what you mean about that very lovely floral from GJ's. Nice score!

Julie said...

Love love love shirring elastic. You won't go back.
Happy birthday too. xx

Sue said...

Happy Birthday to you Bec! I love Smiggle too and have a big wishlist from a certain 9 yr old this year. I think I would like birthdays at your house getting to eat chinese food, my absolute favourite food too. I am so not prepared for xmas yet - I think I may need an extra 2 weeks, lol!

Leonie said...

Happy Birthday Bec. Hope you had an awesome day :-)

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I love that plaid looking fabric. It's gorgeous.

Glad you had a lovely birthday and got a little spoiled.

I know what you mean about running out of steam after Blogtoberfest. I've been feeling the same.