Thursday, November 11, 2010

Back again

Yay, I'm back. A long couple of days, lucky I was busy and didn't notice it too much (yeah, sure, I kid myself too).
The kid's dance concert is all over, Sat was a big one with heading over to see HB and have Mr HB dust my computer (all it seemed to need to fix it!!), then a late night watching all styles of dance. Took me a few days to recover, Little Miss snapped right back!

SO have been trying to tidy up a bit, make things a bit more streamlined....I cleaned out the computer 'corner' and pushed back the couches...

much more room! And slightly more co-ordinating than before (must dye my other doily tablecloth red!)

and last night...Little Miss decided someone else's 'bob' haircut looked good, and 24 hrs later-

done! I didn't give her anytime to change her mind haha. God, she looks so grown up now! And she LOVES it! (Don't you wish as adults we could be that decisive and easy to please?)


Tania said...

I still remember my first bob hairdo. Except it was cut for a straight haired person. Me? A frizz-haired disaster zone.

Sue said...

Oh she does look much more grown up, and great for the hot weather too!

Angie said...

She does look so grow up!

I have a wee (as in small) bit of fabric floating around these parts that I have earmarked for you (you once called it your fav print). If you would like it (& I unearth it again) could you email me your address so I can move it on (like that little piece will make any difference to the bombsite that is my sewing space!)


Andi said...

She looks gorgeous!!

trash said...

She looks even more gorgeouser w a bob. I wish my girl could be persuaded to bob her hair again, I love it when it is shorter.

Brianna said...

Her hair looks gorgeous and so grown-up.
My mum cried when I was about the same age and wanted my hair that short. Probably because my hair was down to my waist. Well she has had the last laugh because at 24, guess who has hair that long again!

Anonymous said...

I know it's nearly over but I wanted to pop by and happy Birthday!!!!!!

Liesl said...

Glad that all the PC needed was a bit of a dusting if only everything fixed that easily!

Love Little Miss' lovely new do. Very cute.

Hope you had a lovely day yesterday. Sending you a bithday hug and kiss x