Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Lunch Bag

I made it back with pics of my favourite item to make- my lunch bags!

Yes, there have been a few posts written about them, I do love them so. Little Miss has used hers now every day for nearly 4 terms (3 weeks to go, eek!) and it still looks good, no tears or rips, and only 1 squishy banana to wipe out of it.

In lieu of other testimonials (which I must ask for one day) here are some pics of the ones currently in stock:

Again apologies for the photos, I took them in the overcast afternoon, couldn't brighten them up anymore!


Missymaomao said...

Hi Bec.
My trick for photography is a bit of cheap white card. I just throw it on the floor pop the bags on top and click the shutter. With the white card background I tend to get a brighter shot that can be presentable even on dull days. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the market.
Cheers Marilyn

Sue said...

They all look great Bec! I cant wait for Isabelle to see hers at xmas. I think I love the mushroom one best.

Karen said...

Smurfette!!! Look at her - she's so ace.
I love these Bec - I am still yet to finish the vinyl lined one I started - I just got a walking foot - so soon I hope...