Sunday, November 21, 2010

A good sewing day

Well, a good sewing weekend, sort of. Yesterday I went and helped my fave bag designer to move a bit of stuff into the new place (it's important to get her back to work ASAP, isn't it peeps?) I was suitably impressed with the new digs, as will the people coming to her classes (soon, I heard).

So hanging with the bag lady inspired me to do some quick totes for the market on Saturday. The look quick and easy, but I have extra features, such as magnetic clasp, a key keeper (clip inside so you don't loos your keys in the bottom), and adjustable webbing straps on 2 of them.

In some favourite vintage fabrics- pink koalas and kangaroos;

 Retro McDonalds (so wrong, but so good too! Imagine sleeping on it, though);

cutesy nursery rhyme print;

and trippy toucans (reminds me a bit of this )

I also have to update you on my patterns storage- coming along a treat, thanks to Big W. These file boxes are $2.98 (YEP!) and hold a few patterns, even the big ones! And the dymo labels add to the elegance haha.

This week I'll try to post each day, and show you in close up my market products, as I realised I haven't done that yet! And the proceeds from the markets? Charity, of course- me, to get a new camera! To stop the suffering of such bad photos on my blog! Thanks for your patience:).


Tania said...

What do you mean 'sort of'? Fantabulous weekend output, I reckon.

Nikki said...

Thanks A MILLION TIMES for your help on Saturday. You're a super-duper-trouper!

You'll have to come back and see it all set up!

willywagtail said...

Busy, busy girl. I am sure the bag lady will have been very thankful for your help too. Cherrie

Sue said...

What great bags! Hope everything goes well at the market for you too. Looking forward to your daily posts!