Sunday, January 18, 2009

I can do corners

Help has arrived!
In the form of You Tube. Check out this:
And I found out there aren't many patchwork shops open on Sunday, actually none that I can find in Melbourne. I was going to take a quilt in and get them to show me, but thanks to the Net, I am sorted.
I have had a few blissful hours this afternoon while me little one is out with her aunt and uncle (my sis and her partner). This called for a nap, and then some binding, yay!
Happy Sunday everyone!

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Liesl said...

I only just learnt to do mitred corners (so I could bind a wallet I made). I can see now that from the YouTube video that I am not particularly meticulous about how I am constructing the corners! Maybe this means the process is a bit forgiving, as the corners seem to turn out quite nicely anyway. Its all a bit of a magic trick.

PS. For future emergencies, I know that Patchwork On Central is open on a Sunday 12 - 4.