Friday, January 16, 2009

Third time lucky

Still camera-less, probably good because I have been bra-less and makeup-less for most of the week too! Have had a lovely break, daughter has been happy to get back to day care, where she feels like she is 'king (or queen) of the kids' being one of three there starting school in a few weeks. I got a fair bit of housework done, some op shopping and yesterday, with the help of my wonderful neighbour and another friend, got the backyard and side cleaned up. Can't wait to show THAT! My list of jobs is getting less!

After a few attempts at uploading some scanned pics, I have stopped at one, one of the great deals I got yesterday doing my locals. Newport Vinnies to be exact. This one caught my eye due to our recent zoo trip, there is even a Tassie Devil and a bird mobile on the back page. Of course i have been asked to make them all, but have distracted her with that one. I am a VERY basic knitter, limited to hats and scarves and jumpers all in one stitch. A colony of penguins would be nice, though.....

AM heading out tonight for a few with friends, little miss happily at her friends house, I am all alone at home, what am I doing? Sewing the hopscotch for my little one, of course! No rest for the wicked haha.


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laughing purple goldfish said...

fabulous book there... the penguins do look adorable YOU CAN DO IT!!! and the possum, too :)