Friday, January 2, 2009

Oh, to have an overlocker!

If today has proven anything, it is how much I need to get that overlocker off lay by! The silly season took all my money, but this year, watch out! haha. We are leaving Sunday night for our week adventure in Syd-en-ey (I lived up there during the Olympics, so am allowed to say it like that). We will be staying with friends, so wanted to make some thank you's and pressies for friends kiddies. Of course, the more I make, the more I want to make, damn! I did get some projects down, though.

This dress I cut out AGES ago, from a vintage Holly Hobbie doona cover was going to go in my shop, but I will give it instead to my friends daughter. I skipped the zip and put buttons down the back. Very cute, I think. It unfortunately has musty op shop smell, from living with the other op shop fabrics post washing, and i can't re-wash as my washing machine has broken AGAIN! I am ignoring it (the machine) before I go away. I'll deal with it later!

I finished a knitting needle holder for my step mum, not as perfect as I'd like, but I was watching LOST Season 4 at the time, I was easily distracted. It fits HEAPS of needles, though, which is important. (My shop bought one from years ago holds about 8 pairs- eek! I need a new one now).
Little Miss was happily crafting and sting away too, painting this canvas (a fill in the outline style one). She is very happy with it, and pretty chuffed it's on the wall. I am a bit freaked out by her eyes, though, I must admit.

And here is where the overlocker would have reigned supreme, at least I had a rotary cutter. Some shopping bags for my friends, I decided to use up my spotty sheet, as my girl and I both have clothes in it, and we can't match our shopping bags- these will be in Qld and NSW. They go together pretty quick, thank goodness, but no fancy over locking stitch, if they fray they fray. Only I would think about washing them, anyway!

And a dodgy self portrait of my new haircut. It has made me immensely happy, it sits good, it feels soft, and oh, it isn't grey! And long and yucky, as my last outgrown style was. I need to get it done more than every three months, and now I have a friend working from home, I can afford it. Yippee!

I'll fit in one more post before I go, Murray leaves tomorrow for his beach holiday, and the cat on Sunday for hers. I miss them already!


Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Syd-en-ey! My home, but I'd give my right arm to move to Melb-our-ne, or rather Geeeee-loooong. Where are you staying??

Bec said...

I'm with you - I so desperately want an overlocker....
Have fun on your holiday, you've made wonderful gifts (that dress is absolutely gorgeous!!!). And I hope that somehow your washing machine manages to miraculously repair itself while you're away :P

Corrie said...

mmm I hear you on the haircuts! how nice to have someone do it for you and pay less! I don't think anymore about how much I pay for my haircut and just hand over the card!

looks great!