Thursday, January 22, 2009


I can't believe how much I spent on a pattern, considering the state of my phone bill, but am sooooo excited- I just bought this, and some beautiful fabric. No pic to show, of course, but definately ones when it's finished.
I went to GJ's Fabrics in Brunswick, Lygon St, where I was hoping to get one of Nikki's patterns, particularly the Mod bag, but they had sold out (not suprised). So that is my next online purchase, I think. It's good to see the samples, though, as I didn't realise how roomy the slouch bag is. And of course the hats.....mmmmm!
I tried to put links in to this post and keeps jumping in front of my link when I save it, so they are not redirecting. Anyone else had this problem? Many attempts have failed, sorry!
So now I have fabric to wash, patterns to cut, along with all the other household duties I try to squeeze in on my day off from daughter. Wish me luck!

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Angie said...

I want to see what those links are but they aren't working for me....looking forward to seeing what they are!