Saturday, April 11, 2009


Got this recipe from Corrie, and have to say, amazing! The Easter Bunny came early for me, hope this lasts till tomorrow! Had to have it over ice cream, was too sweet. Or maybe I ate too much at once, I don't know!

Somehow I don't think Little Miss will let me melt down her stash when she gets it to make more.


Angie said...

It's late & now I want to make brownies!

Or chicken soup!

Thanks for the offer of jam jars but we are well-stocked thanks to the Grannies in our neighbourhood who throw nothing away!

I'm 28 weeks...eeekkk so much to do before the wee one arrives!

Bec said...

Normally I would look at something like this and start immediately drooling. But after all the ridiculous amounts of chocolate I have consumed today, all I can think is ....:oooohhhhhh....tummy ache...." :P
Happy Easter