Friday, April 24, 2009

Nearly a disaster

I ran out of batteries AGAIN for my camera, and realised that the rechargeable may be the way to go. SO I have this nifty little unit, and hopefully it will keep me camera happy for '1000 times'.

Post whinge yesterday, I thought I'd show what I did manage to get at the expensive oppy, it was $6 but I only had $5.50, and I still got it (I couldn't put that on the whingy post, could I?). It's got old business cards etc inside, no money, but still treasure.

A bit of fabric (remember she who dies with the most fabric wins). A remnant for $2 fro craft, tops etc

and some printed cotton Lycra, that I can't find at Spotty, went online and shazam! In the mailbox a day later. Little Miss seems to like them, I like them more! This one....

and this one. So leggings I will like to look at.

Now what to make out of the plain stuff.

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CurlyPops said...

I think I'll have to challenge you on the fabric stash!