Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easy like a Sunday morning

This daylight saving thing still has me stumped, you'd think after 34 yrs I would be fine, but no, I have to think and rethink and check and double check, and then I still think I have it wrong. Ok, so I gained an extra hr sleep? So my child woke at 6am, which yesterday would have been 7am- where is my extra hour?? By 9.30, I was over it and ready to go back to bed.

Instead, I set her up with some paints, and decided I needed a new bag. This one I made a few years ago, with a Simplicity pattern I can't find at all online (sorry, no link). It is a knitting bag, with batting in it, and this version is supposed to have ribbon on the outside, but I liked this fabric. I use it heaps, throw a few things and go, comfy on the shoulder etc.
But the straps were getting a bit thin, and I needed a change, so.....

yummy raspberries! I bought this remnant at Spotlight, and is rolled up pretty tight, I thought it was strawberries. I got a bit excited when I saw raspberries! I got so hungry!

Such an easy bag, my spotty bias has helped out, and some lining from an old sheet. My model of course gets some credit, as does the dog trying to get his nose in.

And just to show how easy the bag was, I made some raspberry white choc muffins (packet mix), so I can throw one at said child when I need a break!


Nikki said...

I know what you mean about early-rising kiddies and the end of daylight saving.... I'm feeling like I've lost an hour, not gained it.

Loving that raspberry bag!

Angie said...

I'm glad it's not just me checking, re-checking & then still wondering!