Saturday, April 4, 2009

A few projects

I finally saw a bit of sun today and remembered to take an outside photo of my quilt middle. It has actually turned out a bit smaller than it should, ?why. So a bit of adjusting for the other bits. Murray's blankie is hanging up behind it, an oppy find! (He's a stylish dog!)

I threw this together after seeing this one. I actually cheated and bought a cheap plastic one for $2 and used it as a pattern. Why can't I make things up? It's weird. I think it has to do with confidence, something I am very lacking in. Anyway, I have forgotten the handle at the top, but it's bright and cheery. Op shop doona, op shop bias binding.

This is the tee I have made for Little Miss, mentioned here. It will be worn in winter, too, over a spencer, but she happily wore it today and got it filthy, god love her.

I have finally started on her wardrobe makeover, the musty smell was getting worse, and I figured if it gets moved outside, and her clothes are all over the floor, my incentive has arrived. The white dots on the side are blu-tak! I have in mind a plan, but am open to suggestions! Outside will be gloss white, to make her other (Ikea) furniture, but I can't decide between paint or fabric for the inside. Red, pink or blue inside (her choices).

Finally, I found an old Family Circle dress up book today in an oppy, and look what I found in it! I think I'lll have nightmares! Who would do this to their child? I need therapy just looking at it, let alone being put inside it. Yuk!


Andi said...

Love your work! You deserve to be rather more confidant than you are. You make wonderful things and have a great imagination for turning unloved things into new treasures.
I suspect paint inside the wardrobe would be the go. Much cheaper and easier than fabric/paper.
See you soon.
Andi :-)

Louise said...

Love how the centre block turned out. That is going to be one gorgeous quilt. My daughters all got long sleeve tees to wear under their favourite Tshirts this winter - must be 'the look'. And finally I would paint the inside of that gorgeous wardrobe - probably be quicker and get rid of the musty smell. Can't wait to see it all done up.