Saturday, April 11, 2009

A quiet weekend

Not going anywhere, everyone gone away or busy with family stuff, Little Miss and are are hanging out, successfully so far, but it's only day 2. Yesterday was a lazy one where we both had a mid morning nap, allowing a special 'movie night' last night. That was a ruse by me to get the nap in, and she loved sitting up late and watching Shrek 2.
After she went to bed, I had MY movie on, and did some template hunting. Loving my patchwork books right now! Gave this to a friend this morning for her little one, while I hopped off and helped the Easter Bunny get some eggs, and she watched Little Miss Sitcky Beak for me!

Have plenty more to do, and have run out of Vliesofix! Owls and flowers for the girls, looking for some boy ones now.

Making a big pot of chicken soup- this is my only 'big' saucepan, and I have a ridiculously small amount of soup in it. But for $5 a few year ago, I'm glad it never became a tie-dying vessel!

Happy Easter!

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CurlyPops said...

Oh no I hope you went and got some vliesofix today!
Happy Easter... I'm wishing I had some of the brownie slice for dessert.