Sunday, April 26, 2009

A night out

But a bit of sewing first. I have passed the hurdle of the tricky piecing, I know there is more coming up, but I'd like to enjoy this moment for a while haha. Excuse the clothes airer photo, but it's blowing a gale outside and I wouldn't want to see this as a kite! This already seems huge to me, so my worry about it being too small (pattern in mag says king single) shouldn't be a problem. I think I'll be fighting the cat for it, for sure!

So, having babysitting and the need to get out of the house after dark like in the olden days ie before child, I headed into the city, and by stumbled into this pub and on a whim saw this show. Funny as, the best being these guys. Of course, now I want to see more, but as I never usually go at all, seeing one thing in the whole month the festival is on is a highlight.

I have the same dilemma as Betty Jo, except mine is in my study, and losing prescriptions has me staring down the barrel of gutting the room and starting from scratch. Ugh. When all I want to do is sew!!

Also, this sassy gal is having a giveaway, head over to check. it. out.

1 comment:

Betty Jo said...

It's great to escape like a real grown up. To a pub and everything!
Re the dilemma, just breath slowly and picture the script in your mind and it will appear......enough of this mumbo jumbo,just start searching!