Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blogtoberfest '10 day 22

I've had my work cut out for me today.
Babysitting 2 boys, 4 and 6, and my little miss. Tricky, you ask?
No way, easy peasy.
Except when I had to follow them up what I refer to as 'Death Hill'

 Named this because I feel like death when I reach the top!
A park at the top, and this one on the walk home makes it all worthwhile- me to sit
and watch, them to tire themselves out!

I'm loving the fact that the kid is wearing my knitting needle bangles
I made last night, think she'll keep them.

Think I've earned some sewing time now!


Anonymous said...

love the bangles, how did you bend them without snapping, i'm guessing there was some heat involved. death hill looks like a good workout. have a great weekend.


Sue said...

The bangles look great! I am sure it is easier to look after more kids than 1 as they keep each other entertained.

Cass said...

That is some hill. Great bangles

Liesl said...

Hey can I send two boys, 4 & 5 over too?!