Saturday, August 8, 2009

The following photos may make people envious.....

It's been crafty and oppy at house of Sauras the last few days, and today outdid them all. Envious about my shoe scores? Read on....
I finished making these Babushka beauties, pattern by Jhoanna.

Also finally started a hexagon brooch, pattern by Fii

Also made some key rings to take to the market tomorrow
The Thornbury Craft Bonanza met up today, and I scored these amazing fabrics of Hoppo Bumpo. She will be kept in a lifetime of fleece for these ones!

The 2nd best thing about visiting a new burb (besides visiting friends that is) is checking out their local op shops. They must have been waiting for me :)
Tea towel (me thinks cute fabric)

haby stash

ooh, a nice roll of polka dot seersucker for $2.99

When unrolled later on, I find a gorgeous corduroy!!!

A Smurf sheet! I have been looking forever for one of these. I initially thought it was a doona cover, and when I went "oh, a sheet" Little Miss (Resourceful) piped up and said "you can still cut it up, Mum!).

And vintage sheets a la what-was-on-my-bed-as-a-child. I think mine were handmade, these seem bought, but I'm still in love with the fabric (the big break of about 20 yrs between using them and finding them has helped!

Ahh, a great day, lots of fun, sewing laughing at distasteful jokes, chockie cake and the rest. Can we do it next week?


Liesl said...

And great fun was had by all!!

Love the babushkas ... they're gorgeous. Good luck at the market tomorrow. :)

Mistea said...

You are right - gorgeous creations, finds and pressies, Well done.

CurlyPops said...

It was so much fun yesterday. I think I'm still getting over the laughter.
Have fun at the market today!