Sunday, August 30, 2009

weekends things

So my pencil roll project seems to be working. This one is a present for a 6yr old boy, and the sharpener rolls up beautifully in the roll. I've taken the sticker of my other ones (forgot on this one) so they are clear. This new version will be officially released on Saturday!

We found the lazy puss yesterday enjoying Little Miss's quilt and flannelet sheets (who can blame her?)

Cream couch, meet blue couch, oh, and please share some cushions! For the first time I feel colour coordinated and neat and tidy. Wow.

Little Muzza is enjoying the new veranda couch. He scored pretty good!

And I cooked. Well, almost. Mixed and whipped a tiramisu for a dinner party, no baking involved. Got to use my brand new (for me) Tupperware spoon rest. Unfortunately the Tupperware spatula doesn't fit that well, but still happy with it for $1.

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CurlyPops said...

The new couch fits perfectly!