Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Santa bought Little Miss this dolls house a few years ago now, and it has had sporadic use. Mismatched furniture, a disinterest in toys, who knows why, it is a bit neglected- and then the door fell off! I'm sure Santa picked it because of it's potential, I know I would have!

So after a trip to the Dr's this morning, conveniently next to Savers, I found this little bag of goodies for $5.

Aren't they cute? And yes, I've decided to....renovate! Just when, I'm not sure, it will be a slow process, I think- or over and done within a week. Maybe some warmer weather will mean I'll get it done a bit quicker. And furniture to repair, decorate etc.
I've never heard of tile decors- but I picked these up, thinking they may come in handy. A Clayton's renovation- would anyone seriously stick stickers on their shower tiles?

Oh, and I've started a collection- you only 2 things, right? Another pair in excellent condition. High tops this time. Becoming quite the fan of the Converse.

So, after my first dose of penicillin, and a day in bed, my voice has come back, a bit croaky, I'm wishing it all away- my first Trivia night is on Friday night, don't want to miss it!
Oh, and check out the promo for the market I'm at next month.


CurlyPops said...

That furniture is fantastic! I think those tile decors were hot about 15 years ago. You found some great designs.

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

I wish my local Opp Shops had converse in my size, what amazing oppy bargains you find. The dolls house furniture is a great find too. I might just have to check out some Opp shops today, you have inspired me.

PlanningQueen said...

The furniture is very cute, my daughter needs some for her house too.